My own training, was we get more honey overall, if all hives are equal. So we did kind of the opposite of what we are being told Tim does. In spring, before any supers were added, all hives in the yard were equalised. IE, strong ones that might swarm had brood and bees taken, and this was given to the weak. A few months later when the hives were stacked with boxes, there were no duds or poor performers. So, none swarmed, none didn't produce, and none had to haul honey through excessively huge stacks of boxes, the production capacity of all was maximised.

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I'm old and feeble, so his system is impractical for me. But he handles 150 hives and works a full time job as a carpenter, I believe.
Something does not quite add up here, unless Tim never sleeps. He works full time as a carpenter. He manages 150 hives. He is a speaker in high demand who attends conferences and assorted speaking engagements. And based on the figures we've been told he processes at least 75 tons of honey annually. Not saying it isn't true, just, well, he's an amazing guy. Definitely the stuff of legend.