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Nothing you're saying or doing is countering the idea that it isn't simple.
Who is saying that it is simple? I still haven't seen any examples of this idea. Who have you been reading or listening to that has said that treatment free beekeeping is simple? Was it someone you had any reason to take seriously?

Honestly, I wish the folks who are implying that beginners take up treatment free beekeeping because someone told them it would be easy or simple or surefire would give us some examples of this actually happening. Maybe some completely clueless newbee might have expressed such a hope, but who would take that seriously? I spent literally hundreds of hours this winter trying to learn everything I could about beekeeping, and I don't recall seeing that notion put forward even once. There's a huge difference between saying "I succeeded at treatment free beekeeping" and saying "I succeeded at treatment free beekeeping and there was nothing to it."

To me, it seems as if you are worrying about an incorrect attitude that doesn't actually exist.

Every credible source I've read has said that going treatment free is tough and that losses must be expected. Where did you hear different?