The May ABJ article on, among other things, bee exposure to pesticides written by Randy Oliver is a real "must read". Among his statements:

...."so long as we keep blatantly using illegal mite treatments, our pleas to regulators to crack down on misuse of agricultural pesticides by farmers are gutted from the get go-if we want to talk the talk, we gotta walk the walk. "

And this:

"I often hear it would be "impossible" to do without the illegal off-label treatments. The reality is that anything seems impossible until you just start doing it...........I tried managing my operation without synthetic miticides over a decade ago, and never felt the need to go back.......sice then we have tripled the size of our operation......and take strong colonies to the almonds each year"

And this in regards to the misuse of "off label" synthetic miticides:

"...beekeepers now have no excuse (for using them) with so many legal treatments for varroa"

Rock on Randy!!!!! Beekeepers have the tools available to raise strong hives that produce honey without the risk of chemical residues. Let's all work together to protect the wholesome image that honey still enjoys in the marketplace.