Construction site near me was tossing some perfectly good lumber the other day so I helped myself to the pile and have managed to construct several items to use around the farm with it.

Today, I built a top bar hive. Measures 14 inches wide at the top (interior measurement), 9 inches deep, and 47 inches long. One inch plywood for the bottom and sides and the ends are a couple 2x6's on one side and a broken 2x12 on the other. Found a couple the same length, so I had to do no cutting for this build. I even used recycled screws to assemble it because I am too cheap and lazy to drive to the home depot for more.

All I need now are some top bars and a cover. May have to bite the bullet and actually spend 5 bucks on the lumber for the top bars.

Here are some photos:

See my Lang in the background?