Today, I started moving some TBH brood comb into a foundationless frame to go into my new Langstroth. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions related to this, but here's what happened that made my head spin.

I had to cut a piece of the bottom of the brood comb to make it fit into the frame. It was dark brown--I'd say about the color of Amaretto. The part I sliced off sat in the afternoon on a piece of marble that I was working on. That was several hours ago. I just went back to clean up my mess and the wax was black. Black as black as black. Wow! I was stunned.

Could this have been a reaction from the sun? Could this be indicative of something else?

I'll tell you this also, there was a SHB on one of the combs, I think that one.

Any clues?