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    Default Brood Comb Turned Black in One Afternoon

    Today, I started moving some TBH brood comb into a foundationless frame to go into my new Langstroth. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions related to this, but here's what happened that made my head spin.

    I had to cut a piece of the bottom of the brood comb to make it fit into the frame. It was dark brown--I'd say about the color of Amaretto. The part I sliced off sat in the afternoon on a piece of marble that I was working on. That was several hours ago. I just went back to clean up my mess and the wax was black. Black as black as black. Wow! I was stunned.

    Could this have been a reaction from the sun? Could this be indicative of something else?

    I'll tell you this also, there was a SHB on one of the combs, I think that one.

    Any clues?

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    Default Re: Brood Comb Turned Black in One Afternoon

    Probably dried out some

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    Default Re: Brood Comb Turned Black in One Afternoon

    There is probably some degree of optical illusion. If the comb got hot in the sun and the surface wax melted slightly, the comb can go "shiny", and appear darker. Just give it back to the bees, they'll fix it back how they want it.
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