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    Default Re-use of Frames Year on Year

    Third year beek here. Last year was the first I harvested honey. Also had a couple hives lost due to mismanagement, not disease, and was able to salvage good comb from them. I put them in the freezer all winter to store. Now with a flow on, I'm pulling them out, thawing (anyone know how quickly this goes - 1 day?) - and was planning on using as honey supers.

    Probably get the dumb q of the day for this one: The former brood frames - they're dark, a few are capped but died - but I'm assuming can be used for honey supers? Perfectly interchangable? Bees would clean 'em out and use like new. I'm not using the comb (comb honey), so a former brood comb used as honey comb. I figure no issues, but thought I'd check.

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    Default Re: Re-use of Frames Year on Year

    I scrape the caps off the brood to help them out and the bees clean them out,They will be fine for honey supers, but like you said not for comb noney.

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