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    Default Split type and when?

    My son and I are in southeast Ne. It's been quite cold and rainy but have been bringing in pollen since mix march. We plan to do full inspection tomorrow to evaluate. We have double deep and 1 medium. Thinking brood are cramped. Some bearding already yesterday and today.

    Is it too early to split? If not what's the most successful way to control swarm?

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    Default Re: Split type and when?

    If you find brood in both deep boxes than it is ready to split. I live in northern Utah and I will be doing my first splits tomorrow. Splitting the hive is the best way to do swarm control on strong hives. One other item you will want to consider is the amount of vegetation that is in or will soon bloom. Splits will struggle while they wait for the next nectar flow.

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    Default Re: Split type and when?

    I did a split on a hive that exact same size yesterday, but this particular hive was so angry I didn't even begin to attempt looking for the queen. I just took off medium, took top deep and moved it to a different area of hives about 30 feet away (woa was that heavy, and I didn't carry bb or lid when carrying deep). I hope they will calm down enough that I can go through to find which one has queen on Tuesday.
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