Hi everyone

My first-ever bees are doing great and my first inspection thrilled me with tight covered brood pattern,only a few drone cells, and lots of larvae to look at! Since April 9 they have 8 bars going so I know they are happy.
But,it's a hot Spring here and it got me worried about summer.
We sometimes (quite variable here)get a week or more of 105+ weather in July or August. I have a white tarp to suspend over my hive for the high noon sun but don't know if shade is enough. I also have some 3 inch insulation board that I was thinking of putting on the sunny side and top but am unsure if it will insulate against the heat...or would it just hold extra heat IN at night? I already know not to inspect or do anything during that time. I've read a lot of fallen comb stories in forums. My hive is 1" cedar and I'm kind of wishing is was 2" now,after-the-fact.

Does anyone deal with this sort of weather with a top bar? What do you do? Thanks.