We will have 5 hives this year...brood boxes are deeps supers are dadants (mediums). Some supers are foundationless, some with wax foundation and some with plastic. Hopefully in a year or two we will we decide what works best for our bees (and thus us)(.

I would prefer a radial powered extractor. Some seem to be a combination of radial and tangential.

I read about Mann Lake (free shipping but thinner steel), Dadant (radial/tangential combo), and Maxant (a large radial only and a small radial/tangential combo).

??? Which to purchase? Will require shipping to Canada and no dedicated space to store it (unless I put it in storage at work which is a real possibility).

What other stuff does one need...heated capping knife, capping rake/fork, uncapping container, large honey pail and filters etc.

All ideas and comments welcome including who to purchase from.