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    Default Wing Deformation

    Well, I knew I had mites, but thought I would wait and see how bad they got before beginning to worry. It is April 25th in Olympia, Washington. This is the first week of nice weather here. New packages from California were installed last weekend and spring tidying has been done for overwintered hives. I have been seeing small young bees wobbling on the landing board, being tossed out of the hive by workers, and a few drone pupae have been cast out. Now this!Deformed wing 1.jpg I suspect the mites have infected my hive with some sort of virus causing the wing deformation and other unknown maladies. Is it time for intervention?
    Jim in Olympia, Washington

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    Default Re: Wing Deformation

    I would check the mite levels using an alcohol wash, or sugar shake, and then treat with a single MAQS if the numbers are bad. I suspect they will be since you have DWV in the hive. I would then check the mite levels about two weeks after adding the MAQS to make sure you got the results you expected.

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    Yep, looks like DWV.


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