Hi guys,

I built 28 - 8 frame medium nuc boxes and frames using old, but clean, untreated plywood for the boxes. I used untreated yellow pine lumber for most of the frames and fir lumber for some fo the frames. I put some of the the lures out almost 2 months ago. I added lemongrass oil liberally to the wood inside each box and on each of the frames. I've left the lures out long enough that the scent became undecectable, then I renewed the scent.

I gave the bees a choice of a single medium, a double stack of mediums and a tripple stack of the mediums on the same stand just about 8 inches off the ground. And I carry a few tripple stacks in my truck wherever I go in case I see a swarm in the open. I can put the lure boxes a little higher off the ground if needed, but I don't want to need a ladder, because I'm old and slow to regain my poor balance and I have a bad back.

I have lures set up in 3 locations, so far, each separated by at least 3 miles. A local beekeeper has hives about a half mile from some of my lures. And I have permission to set up a lure location near a known bee tree.

Recently I changed the arrangement to all 3 stack mediums because I think early swarms will be larger swarms. I might change to double stacks or single stacks later in the season. There is a previous bee tree near some of my lures. A guestimate of the size of the cavity in that tree is about 67 liters. Bees came to that tree the last 2 years, but didn't stay long. I think squirrels ran the bees off. The squirrels access (and the bees access) to that cavity is blocked now.

Today is April 25. Its been rainy a lot of the time in my area and morning temps are still in the 40F range most of the time and the highs most of the time the last few weeks are near 60F. But, there's been a few days when the highs were in the 80F range. I am seeing bees actively foraging. I live near the 33rd parallel near the border of Louisiana and Arkansas and zip code is 71075.

Are my expectations too high for this time of the year?
Do I just need to keep the scent fresh and just be more patient?
Should I go back to the original configuration, use all single stacks, use all double stacks or keep the tripple stack lure configuration, or configure a different mixture of box size choices for the bees?

Your suggestions and thoughts are much appreciated.