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    Default Top Bar Hive Sectional Hole Drilling Question

    I have a quick question about my hive if you could help. I have read that the bees like enclosed places, and that one of the biggest risks to a top bar hive is them abandoning it (people speculate because it is because of the big open space of a top bar). So, I've divided mine into thirds, with a 3/4 inch hole going from each section. Should I drill move holes than this for them to traverse the hive, or is this enough?

    And yes, I scraped that little bit of paint in the picture off already.


    David Sparks

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    Default Re: Top Bar Hive Sectional Hole Drilling Question

    I am no expert but I think that it should be as big as the entrance hole.

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    Default Re: Top Bar Hive Sectional Hole Drilling Question

    Bees like spaces where they can control the internal "atmosphere" efficiently, I believe. Looking at your pic, I think your "division board" design will work well for "shrinking" the hive when you first install your bees, and can function as an "indicator" of when they're ready for more space (I've seen several natural hives where they used such an obstacle to "divide" their hive into brood chamber & honey storage, with the queen rarely crossing the obstacle). That said, once the bees start building comb on the bars behind a division board, I'd remove the divider, as it can potentially cost the bees extra energy (which comes out of your surplus honey) to keep the climate controlled on both sides of such a divider.

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