My wife and I caught a swarm yesterday afternoon and found it this morning in one of our traps!

Swarm location: Millers Creek, NC 28651

Trap Setup: 1. Cone swarm trap from Brushy Mountain Bee Supply
2. 1 Pheromone Lure from Brushy Mountain
3. A few drops of lemon grass oil inside the trap
4. Placed about 12 feet in a chestnut tree

Background: We noticed a swarm on the tree limb about a week ago and tried capturing it into a nuc box. After brushing the bees into the box, we left it for about 30 minutes and closed it up to move. When we got to the new location, there were only about 20 bees in the box so we missed them. We decided to try a trap in the tree so we set it up on Monday. Over the past 2 days, we had noticed a few scout bees coming and going but no real activity. Yesterday afternoon, there was a larger number of bees on the front of the trap with more coming in and out of the opening. We decided not to check it but just leave them alone for a while and see what happened. This morning, she noticed the trap cone had fallen loose from the base and was lodged in the limb of the tree (Thank God I had positioned it that way). I went out to put it back together and noticed a soccer ball size swarm in the cone!

We moved the cone onto the top of a brood box with another empty deep and empty super on top with a top cover. There is also a queen "includer" between the brood box and the bottom board. Set the cone down in the setup, 2 or 3 gentle shakes and there we are! Now.......if they will just stay with their new home!!!

Getting some sugar water ready and have a super of frozen honey thawing to help them get going.

Any other thoughts or ideas????