I'll cut to the chase... I bought some gear today with it came approximately 60 or so 10 frame deeps and mediums. everything was neatly stacked indoors.... for the last 25 years. Being star struck by the nostalgia of the time machine I was in I went ahead and shook on the deal. I started by loading up the smaller items (smokers, uncapping knives stainless storage tanks, etc.) anyhoo, as i started loading the boxes into my truck it became evident that there was something not quite right. Most of the boxes had been stored with the frames and foundation which was severely degraded, well it was black and fell apart when I pulled the frame, It got worse the deeper I delved. I figured what the heck, could spend a little time sanitizing, washing you know,, a little elbow grease, afterall, all the wood ware is in decent condition. Sooooo being the newbee that I am and not having much local support (due to my own reclusive self) checked a few sites and it seemed taboo to use equipment in this condition. Would it be a much better service to the local bee community if I was to sacrifice this woodenware to the burnpile or would it be safe to refurbish since it has been out of service for so long. Is it possible for parasites and whatnot to incubate for this long? My intentions were to sell/give most of the woodenware away as I have no need for 10 frame hives at this time, or more hives at all for that matter so discarding would not be much of a loss. look forward to any input and sorry for the most likely rhetorical question.