I have a trap out to do in a guys wall and I would like to try to get the queen, I have been researching the Cleo Hogan trap but didn't want to have to build a custom female piece on every trap out depending on angle of tree, wall, etc So instead of a wooden box I used 2 in PVC with a floor flange. On a flat wall it will be mounted as seen, if it's in a tree that is leaning, I can put a very small flexible piece of hose that will allow the connection between the box and the flange which should allow it to flex several degrees. For the cone portion of it, I decided to go right into the cap and it's hard to tell but it point up at over a 45 deg angle. Hopefully I can get the queen in the box and just slip the cap over the pipe and trapout the rest of the bees. I will be installing it on a guys wall this weekend, I will keep you posted of my progress.

What do you think so far?