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    Default Fill the trap with frames!

    I know I've read this before but I thought I could out smart the bees. The three frames pined in place at the back of the box are 1 drawn empty comb, and the rest foundationless.
    This trap was up for 9 days. I thought they would use the old comb first, then build on foundationless. If there was any extra it would be the new small comb.
    I was wrong. They started on the front of th box and built inside the foundationless.
    There was no way to remove it without making a mess and rubber banding it back into foundationless frames.
    Destroyed some larvae and eggs

    My traps are 2 Med 8 frames screwed together, the boxes will be full from now one. Remove top, bottom, sit on bb, add inner and telescope cover, Done.

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    Default Re: Fill the trap with frames!

    I put in a bait frame and one of foundation and had the exact same result (twice this year alone) but have not found it to be too difficult to cut out. I was set up for a different cut out though and had frames with large rubber bands on them already. I lifted out the lid, put the frames in the new deep, took my hive tool and shaved along the base of the comb and slid it into the rubber band and added a second. The other frame I ended up with several smaller combs that needed rubber bands on the short dimensions as well. I do not think I was at it 10 minutes.
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    Default Re: Fill the trap with frames!

    my swarm traps are full of foundationless frames and one old brood comb. the bees (so far) have moved in and started drawing them out properly. it seems that anytime i leave a hive with a missing frame, they bugger it up.


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