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    Question New hive and queen cups/swarm cells

    I am a new beek and I started two hives 5 weeks ago. Everything has been going fine, until today. I inspected them today and found that one hive has several queen cups. The cups are not frosted, nor did I see eggs or larva in them. The hive has ten bars of brood of various stages. Some brood hatched this week and I can see new eggs in some of those cells. I also did not see the queen today, but maybe she eluded me. It is obvious that she is laying. I have been giving the colony two empty bars on both sides (I have center entrances) of the brood combs for expansion. The hive appears very healthy in all respects, and the brood pattern looks textbook.

    My question is: What should I do about the queen cups/swarm cells?

    I briefly considered splitting the hive, but I do not think it is strong enough to do so. I think I would end up with two weak hives. Of course, if they swarm, then I will end up with one weak hive. I was also considering cutting out the swarm cells and checker-boarding the brood combs somewhat to give the brood nest additional space and have the colony build new comb in between the established combs. My thought is that this may curtail the swarm.

    Suggestions? Opinions? Help.

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    Default Re: New hive and queen cups/swarm cells

    > What should I do about the queen cups/swarm cells?

    Absolutely nothing. A queen cup means nothing at all.
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