Question for experienced honey producers... I'm in NY so we have long winters to bear in mind.

I've been reading a lot and was curious about the technique of raising 2 hives through the season, and then pinching a queen and combining for the honey flow. In theory they can build up twice as fast, and be twice as strong going in to winter. I read that it's for places with no real spring flow, and that it gets you 2x as many bees for the fall flow.

My basic question is, do you get more surplus honey from 2 single deep hives, or from 1 double deep hive? Is this only appropriate for a small area of the country that has no spring flow?

My assumption is that in a double deep hive, there are much more bees than brood, so there would be more foraging and less feeding larvae - more surplus.

To me it seems like a waste of time/equipment. If my goal is 16 hives, and I run 32 single deeps.. I might as well just build some more boxes and run 32 full hives. More bees, more honey (and more trouble).