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    Default Odd raised cells

    Can anyone tell me what is going on with these cells? What are the these nubs and clusters. Sorry about the Fuzzy-graphs. I have a dumb phone, not a smart phone. Either that or it is me trying to take photos with gloves on.

    Hive 1 Frm 4 Nub 4-28-13.jpg

    Hive 1 Frm 5 Tower 4-28-13.jpg

    Hive 2 Frm 6 Cluster.jpg
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    Default Re: Odd raised cells

    Scattered drone brood. Fairly normal. Problems arise when they show up in great abundance in worker comb.

    Here's a pic of a foundationless comb, where the bees built a small cluster of drone cells near the bottom, center --?

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    Default Re: Odd raised cells

    I would say they are drone cells, but the vaseline on your lense makes it a hard call.

    Drone cells.
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    Default Re: Odd raised cells

    One way to prevent this is to help them have a place to lay drones correctly. Just throw in a frame with no foundation and they can draw it out at the drone size.
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    Default Re: Odd raised cells

    Drones, drones and drones.
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    Default Re: Odd raised cells

    Bee Whisperer, if the cells those raised cap larvae are in are drone sized cells, all is normal. If they are worker sized cells but have drone larvae in them, your queen is beginning to fail.
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