Last Saturday, I decided to test the claim that bees will draw out foundationless frames faster than foundation frames. I really didn't know what I was doing, so I just heated some wax and painted two coats on the top bar of two plain old medium frames.

Here are the four day results:



Both of these are of the same frame. The other frame is being drawn out very nicely as well...not quite like this, but still strong.

These bees were a swarm I got from a town over. They were hived 2 weeks ago and are beasts.

Even caught a glimpse of her majesty:


I added another medium above them. In that I placed 5 foundationless frames with triangular strips for guides. Also, staggered between these I put 5 frames with foundation.

They also have a deep box on the bottom. They don't like it as much as the medium. I might remove it soon. I'm switching to all mediums anyway.