I just noted that Russells Apiary is closing. I very much apreciated Roberts input over the years and often wished I could access some of the queens they where offering. I'm to far away to know the background but on a beekeeping level this is a sad loss.
This is from the website:
Sadly, after restructuring the company in order to develop the state operator program, and investing so much into that program on top of major health issues, we were forced to close and enter bankruptcy upon the exiting of many of the operators due to some false allegations made on another website. All creditors have been listed in the bankruptcy and you should receive a notice of this in the mail. We took a large risk in the hopes that we could benefit the industry in great ways by creating a future of specifically localized acclimated genetics, and with the fall of that program and failing health, we have lost too much to be able to survive the damages.

There are still several excellent producers with our stocks, and we will continue to refer incoming requests to them. With the closing of the company, all production, retail, and wholesale activities were halted. This website will instead be used as an educational tool for Robert Russell to personally reach the many supporters that seek his advice. These writings will of course include a multitude of beekeeping and gardening topics, such as management techniques, selection methods, equipment construction, pest and disease control, and evolutionary theory, as well as an interesting and very personal look at the connections between our diets and the fight against cancer.