hi i'am bill
my friend and i have started a bee business
we have set up my friends apiary just over 2 years ago and now we are setting up my apiary .
we will have around 100 each to start .(not all in the same place )
we have farmers that have our hive on there orchards and so on .
i am a member of some other forum and they are not happy that we use warre hive in our business .
they say we can not use warre hives in business they are not for business .
well i say we use them as they are good for our bees and that is what we want .
natural way of working with bees .
we know we can get more honey from commercial or langstroth hives but we want to move away from hives like that .
we build all our hive from wood i get free form a friend that get all there goods in big wooden boxes so i make them in warre hives .
so what do you the people of this forum think are we mad ?
do you think this will be bad for our bees .
we know we are not going to get rich working with just warre hive but as long as we can make some money we are happy .
i can not see why some people say it will not work we made some good money from the hives we have at the apiary my friends runs last year .
we have not lost any hives this winter so we are off to a great start .
we are moving all our stock from langstroth and commercial hives in to warre hive .
we are moving the last into warres and put them on my site .
please tell me what you think of this .
my friend has worked with bees for years over 20 and i only 2 years working with my friend i know i still have a long way to go before i'am a beekeeper but i will get there with help from my friend .
it all takes time read and do that is the way i'am doing it and it is working for me .
thankyou for your time
all the best