I just started a TBH 3days ago. I made a couple mistakes...forgot to remove the cap from queen cage for 2 days, and then when i fixed that problem i let a comb fall off. This was at noon. The bees got pretty testy when i uncapped the queen, but that is mostly because i spent a while trying to fix the comb that unattached.
Several hours later i went back into the hive at the end of the day to retrieve the comb that was now at the bottom of the hive. Again they got pretty testy about taking that comb out. This time a few followed me away from the hive and kept trying to let me know how bugged they were at me.
I need to go in a third time to move the queen cage from the bars to the bottom of the hive. I don't want them to make more comb around the cage and then i break more comb when i remove the cage.
My question is, should i be smoking them? I haven't yet. I didn't buy one because i read i didn't necessarily need one...or should i just leave them alone for a few days and not worry about hurting combs when i remove the queen cage in a couple days...opinions?