Due to circumstances beyond my control(work 8:30am to 8:30pm), I feel I must inspect 3 hives tomorrow morning around 7 am. Temps should be in the low 40s. The only other choice I have is to wait until Saturday.

These are new packages on 2 Langs, and 1 TBH. Hived Sunday afternoon. Feeder cans that came with the packages are inside the hives, with a bit of fondant also.

The reasons I think I must inspect tomorrow are -

1 - check the queen to see if she is out of the cage, and if not release her.
2 - check the feeder cans and supplement if needed
3 - Peace of mind - make sure everything looks ok- can't get in till Saturday.

Questions -

1- should I inspect tomorrow, or wait until Saturday?
2 - should I smoke at all? Would think they would be very sluggish in the am
3 - mist warm sugar water?
4 - am I too paranoid about my girls...lol