I am a brand new beek & I did a cut out with my "bee mentor" on Saturday. We cut all comb out, but did not see any eggs or larvae. There was honey and pollen, but no brood. We do know that the cut out had swarmed twice this Spring already, the latest swarm being Thursday April 18. There were two capped queen cells in the cut out comb. I took one and my mentor placed in my hive along with frames of drawn comb filled with honey & more frames of pollen. The bees acted very "tame" even with all the disruption that we caused them. After hiving them we have had cold rainy weather. I saw lots of activity on Sunday, but due to the weather little since. It's supposed to be in the mid 70's tomorrow. What is the chances of all going ok, & what, if anything should I be concerned about? I will appreciate any advice that more experienced beeks can offer.