Getting back into beekeeping after a long absence. Dad, kept bees, so I was always around them. I kept a few hives in the early 90's and gave up due to mites, etc. Ended up living in apartments a few years. Bought a house; Installed a package into a TBH two years ago, they absconded a few weeks later. Busy with work and never got around to getting more.

Been nursing a case of bee fever, and am ready to get some hives started. Built 5 swarm traps and put them out the end of March, nothing yet. Built a couple boxes, and have a nuc on order to be picked up on May 4.

Anyone set out traps in Southeast Texas? I have been seeing only a few foragers in my garden, 4-5 at a time. I'm in NW Houston, and bees seem scarce around here.