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    Hi All:
    I split my hive about a month ago. When I looked in my original hive this past week I did not notice a whole lot of brood. Does it take a while for a queen to ramp up and really start laying eggs? There was about one good frame of brood and that was all. We have had some cold weather and with a new queen I am wondering if I am expecting too much too soon .Thanks for your help.

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    I assume at the time of the split this hive was left queenless but had eggs…right?
    If so, after the split, did you check to see if they made queen cells?
    Consider it this way. On day one you had a queenless…eggright hive. 16 +/- 2 days before a new queen emerges. Figure another 7 days for her to mature. Another 7 days worth of mating flights….altogether about 30 days before she even lays the first egg.
    It sounds like you still have some capped brood from the original queen. That would mean that the split was done less than 21 days ago.
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    I am wondering if I am expecting too much too soon .
    I'm thinkin' so SallyD....
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    I don't know how accessible "Tillie" is but she could be an excellent person to befriend in your area.

    After a long absence, I saw that she had made a posting (on Beesource) the other day. There's certainly many others in your area that would be happy to talk about bees.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: questions for Altanta Beekeepers

    Welcome Sally! Different races of bees have different characteristics.

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