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I am, but I've seen a hundred photos of DWV (mostly after I saw these bees and got panicky.) These were definitely DWV, with the wings shriveled and crumpled. It's a very distinctive look, and I examined these bees under a scope.

Most hives have mites, so probably most hives have DWV. Not all will eventually collapse, according to my research.

It's my impression, from the research I've done, that numerous DWV bees is often a sign of a hive nearing collapse from a mite overload, rather than a disease like the foulbroods that will get out of hand if ignored. Obviously that didn't happen in my case, at least not yet. According to Michael Bush, if I remember accurately, finding a bee or two with DWV is not something to get too excited about. The theory I find most plausible is that this is a opportunistic virus that primarily affects bees weakened by mites or other stressors.

Of course, I am a newbee, so I could be completely wrong. But it doesn't matter, because I'm not going to treat for mites. So we'll see. There has been no more DWV as far as I can tell, and the hive is booming. If it were an infection that inevitably kills a hive, the hive would not be thriving, or so it seems to me.
I agree.. The hives I found the bee with a deformed wing is definitely booming. Its thriving for sure! I sent you a message.