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    I bought some bt from sundance (thanks sundance). I saw a moth in some old comb. So far no damage to anything but I should really get the bt applied. So my there a period of time after an application that it should avoid contact with bees? My bees may be coming in the next week. I feel like I would rather be safe than sorry now that things are warming, but don't want to apply it if it will have some effect on bees so soon after application. I suspect it's ok for bees no matter how long after application but again better to be safe than sorry.
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    Shouldn't affect the bees. I don't use it when I'm installing comb into the hive, I use it when I'm storing the comb. It doesn't do a thing for the moths but it affects the larvae of the moth.
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    If you're bees are coming in a week I wouldn't bother just store the boxes so light & air circulation get in them.
    I've heard the BT is safe after it dries.


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