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    Default Adding a second deep brood chamber

    When adding a new deep ontop of the original brood chamber, should a few brood frames be pulled to this top box and some empty frames put in their place in the bottom? I am thinking this will entice them to start focusing on building up.

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    Default Re: Adding a second deep brood chamber

    If the new deep on top has drawn comb than you don't need to move frames up. If it's all new foundation than I would recommend switching some of the frames.

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    Default Re: Adding a second deep brood chamber

    I added a med. to my deep this week. They jumped all over the new wax foundation. Of course, I am still using bucket feeders on top of my inner cover and this may have encouraged them to get going on the med. They naturally want to move up so you should be fine from what I have been told.
    Warning! This is newbee advice. lol


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