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    When I open a photo sent by email, it opens in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. After I delete it, more photos appear-photos from any website that I have been to and many that I don't think I ever actually saw. I can delete each one individually and then empty the recycle bin. But it seems to be an endless number of saved photos. Is this how Windows should work? It seems that I am wasting a lot of disk space when items are saved. Should a setting be changed somewhere?


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    What web browser / email client/service do you use?

    Very likely, your picture viewer is just showing you images in your internet cache (pictures automatically downloaded as you surf). There is a setting in your browser for how much content to cache (limit by date or size). By default, it should not grow beyond a certain point and is probably not something you need to worry about unless you are running out of disk space.

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    Dux is most likely correct

    Also look into Ccleaner works great for "cleaning" up your PC in general. and its free!


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