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    Default Busy day splits and NUCS made today

    Didn't manage to get all the hives split today will finish tomorrow. But was able to take 3 hives and turn them into 5 hives and 6 NUCS. Then moved the mother hives and Split hives to new yard and left NUCS on stands where Mother hives where to collect all the field bees that was out. Hives was full of bees, stores and Brood so every new box was packed well with all the above. Some of these will be getting new queens when they come in Friday others will raise there own. Here is a few pictures from today.

    We had stuff laying everywhere

    New Bee yard

    NUCs setting in mother hives spots
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    Default Re: Busy day splits and NUCS made today

    It looks like it was a good day to do splits. The area and weather looks great, hope the splits all take for you.


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