I have a package coming for my first top bar hive this week, a few days ago, I attached a topbar from my TBH to the bottom of a topbar from an unassembled frame in my 8frame med and dropped it between two straight combs in the brood nest, so they could build me a straight starter comb and give me just a little brood to help anchor the package, My thought was that they wouldn't have the frame completly filled yet and I would just check to make sure there was no queen and then drop it nurse bees and all into the TBH, well, my bees are building very fast on the open bar and it's almost completly built, now I'm going to have to trim it a bit so it will fit in the TBH and I'm assuming the best way is going to be without bees on it so what is the best way to shake bees from a top bar without loosing the comb? Also, I noticed they have built a queen cup on the bottom of it, but having put anything in it, what should I do they have something in it, I want to keep the qeen that is coming with my package as I want her genetics.