It's been three weeks since I did the cut-out from a water meter box. for two reasons this time I'm 95% sure I got the queen. I was able to get ALL he brood. Since there was empty comb at each end, I feel I have her. Since there is a large population now in my wired up top bar hive, I feel I have her. Nowhere in the colony was there any sign of honey, capped or otherwise.

What puzzles me is WHERE they all remain. They stay between two of the combs I wired up. I wired up 4 of their brood combs and added some empty pieces. They did have two empty combs on each side and they have been taking the simple sugar I'm feeding them. Or other bees or wasps may be getting it. I haven't seen wasps, but several dirt dobbers are yet to be killed.

What is more puzzling is them taking the food. There are booms EVERYWHERE. This is the height of our season for nectar and pollen with blue bonnets, pecan trees and other wild plants as well as crops like alfalfa. I heard they only took simple sugar is the nectar was not flowing.

I'm still waiting on any comb building.

So, What's up?