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    Default Have Queen, very few eggs/larvae

    Dear All,

    Hopefully someone can shed light on this subject for me. I just did a thorough inspection of my hive yesterday. Although I went into the winter with a very strong and vibrant hive with about twenty full combs, my inspection revealed the following:
    1. a few combs still had plenty of honey left, which is a good thing.
    2. Bees present on only about 2-3 combs, and if I were to guess, only a couple of hundred bees total. Finally found my queen with her head in a cell!!!!
    3. The one comb that had brood on it, probably had only 50 at most total of eggs and larvae.

    So, my question, I am in Southern New York where we are experiencing a relatively cold Spring. Days recently have only gotten into the 50's and the nights are still in the 40's.
    Is this right or is there something wrong with my queen where she should be laying a lot more eggs but isn't??
    Should I be concerned, or just wait for the weather to warm up and the workers to become more active in foraging and thereby strengthening the queen's egg laying abilities?

    Thanks so much for responses as i was hoping to split my hive soon, but at best I will have to wait for this hive to come back around.

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