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    Default Supering over last year's stored syrup

    Two hives wintered in double deeps barely touched their stores in the top hive body, which is mostly capped syrup fed to the first year colonies. These carnies have been slow starters, began building about April 1st, and didn't use much of their winter stores. I realize they will go through stores faster as brood rearing accelerates, but there is a tree flow on now, and I expect them to use that before the capped syrup. How should one super to get honey with all of that syrup still in the hive? I'm guessing it will eventually crystalize before they use it all. I'm not looking to super right now, but as the top deep has only two brood frames available, they'll need room. How does one keep syrup from a previous year out of this year's honey if it's been left on as feed?
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    Default Re: Supering over last year's stored syrup

    I would remove the frames of syrup before the flow starts, and replace them with foundation or drawn comb. Store the frames with syrup then use them to feed later at some time when bees need feeding.
    Be careful you don't remove too much as a cold spell could lead to starvation.
    I like to feed well before winter then remove excess stores in the spring to make room for the queen to lay.
    If you leave them there you will end up with some of it in your honey.
    Bees move stores around as the size of the brood nest changes and they do not distinguish between syrup and honey.


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