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    Default How long will a hive last?

    I made my first split about a month an a half ago. Today inspecting a hive I found a lot of drone brood and could not find a queen.
    Entrance traffic is very reasonable, but my question is.

    How long will a hive last without a queen, with just laying workers. I know bees live for 6 weeks, so by now are they suppose to be all gone? I have read that hive with laying workers "will ultimately fail" But I wonder how long is that. I do not want to introduce a queen, they will tear her apart, and do not want to shake out all the bees- I live in residential neighborhood.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: How long will a hive last?

    Answer to your question -> not very long.

    Just give them a frame of worker eggs from one of your queenright hive, once each week. It will keep them going and straighten them out. Eventually they will raise themselves a replacement queen.
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    Default Re: How long will a hive last?

    I'll second what Joe Clemens said, and refer you to M. Bush's very informative website for a nice writeup on why:

    BTW: While you're on that site, I HIGHLY recommend taking a look around at some of his many other informative articles...most of the questions that come up very frequently in these forums have answers & explanations in the articles he's put on his site

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    Default Re: How long will a hive last?

    Here's more on laying workers:
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