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    I will be darned Honeyman, don't doubt you! I think though that its a learned behavior. Momma teaching babies etc.... We litteraly have thousands of coons here (the purina night hunts are less than 1 mile from my house) and never had an issue with one.

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    My hives are in a wooded area with skunks, coons & whatever. I never realized how many skunks were around until I went hunting with night vision. Also learned the skunks are like Marines, they charge the source of fire. Anyway I keep my hives on a stand about 18" tall, use a slatted rack so they don't have to beard outside & keep a 10# weight on top. The only problem I ever had was hogs scratching on the hive stand & pushing it off its' slab. They get lead poisoning when I see them.


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