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    Default brand new to bees

    Hello everyone. I just bought some hives that have been sitting for awhile and full of honey end comp, dead bees etc. Some have mold in them. I need help on how to clean them out or can I just assemble them and start new hives?

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    You can still use them depending on how good condition they are, frames and hives. If the mold is not too severe then
    you can reuse the combs because the bees will clean them up. But watch out for diseases because you are not sure
    if the previous hive die of any disease or not. If it is just regular mold on the combs then they will clean up for you.
    Use only when you know that there is no disease harmful to your new hive. If you have doubt then use all new equipments.

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    I'd cut out all the wax & clean the woodenware with a wire brush...then run a propane torch over it 'til the wood starts to darken; that's the TX state-approved method for dealing with equipment that's been contaminated with FoulBrood, so it should take care of any disease concerns you have


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