Here's the deal:

A month ago I decided to requeen an aggressive hive. I removed the old queen, waited 24 hours, and inserted a new one. She was released several days later. I did a poor job of removing queen cells, however, and they quickly superseded her. Then, their new queen met her demise one way or another. One week ago, I watched a virgin queen come out of her cell into this hive. One week ago, they absolutely had a virgin queen. Yesterday, I could not find her (which is no shock). So, they are on their third queen in a month.

So, next Saturday I will be looking again to see if she's there and laying. If she is not by then, I want to combine this hive with a queen right hive. Frankly, I'm scared to do that. I'm afraid that, even using the newspaper combine, they will kill the queen in the new hive. This might be irrational, but it feels like they've been throwing a tantrum ever since I removed the queen (which I sorely regret doing). That is to say, they rejected a perfectly good laying queen the second their precious virgin emerged. Then that one, presumably, disappeared.

Anyway, is this irrational? Can I safely do the combine? Have I created a hive of bees who will stop at nothing until they have killed themselves?