2 queens in my nuc today! I keep a few nucs for a back up plan and decided to make all the queens today. I marked the queen and while the paint was drying I started to put the frame she was on back into the hive. I noticed a golf ball sized pile of bees on the frame when i picked it back up so I scrapped them in my hand. I found another queen that looked even bigger than the one I marked and she was much prettier, really cordovan colored. I finally decided that this was the older and put her in a cage with a few workers and drove her across town to a hive that is queenless. I was really surprised to find 2 queens especially since the hive was not crowded at all. I also didn't see any hatched swarm queen cells but I guess I could have squashed them when I checked the hive a few days ago and forget.
Which is it?
1. I moved the right queen, the were balling her as part of swarm prep
2. I moved the wrong queen, because she was the newest queen the bees were balling her to protect her from the hive
3. doesn't matter, either way is correct
4. hive will probably supersede the queen anyway so it won't make a difference
Thanks in advance for your replies.