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    Default placement and amout of pollen

    Some hives seem to store nectar were we want them to, others seem so pepper the pollen in a honey frame. Or store pollen in multiple places that seems 'off'

    What does the placement of pollen, and amount of pollen tell us during inspections?
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    Default Re: placement and amout of pollen

    In a normal hive that is not over crowding. I have notice my bees place majority of the pollen/nectar mixed on different
    frames on the outer edges of the hive. This may be that they stored them for later use. At the same time not want to
    interfere with the queen bee laying. On some frames in the middle of the hive they also put pollen and honey on the outer
    edges of the combs next to the brood/larvae cells. I think this is so for the convenience of feeding the larvae in various stage
    of development.
    If they all place the food source to the outer edges of the hive then it will take the bees longer to get to the foods to feed. This
    will minimize the efficiency of running the hive resources. To me they are very smart to place foods that are available
    just on the next cell. That is why we see on a normal frame on top is the honey band all the way to the outer edges then
    the pollen patches running on both sides and finally the brood/larvae in the center of the frame.
    On other frames, however, I saw all solid patter from top to bottom with broods/larvae/eggs but no pollen/nectar mix. This
    one I have not figure out yet. I'm guessing that they have a frame of pollen/nectar next to this frame so they don't need
    to put anymore in. My assumption is bees only put resources that are convenient for them to raise more bees while trying
    to not interfere with the laying queen. What do you think?


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