So I was excited and nervous about checking on my new hives today. I picked up two nucs last weekend and transferred them to two new hives. As I placed the nuc frames, I gave a look for the queen and general state of the brood, etc. Found the queen in nuc 1 no problem. With the second nuc, I immediately noticed queen cups. Empty. Never saw a queen, but didn't want to spend too much time looking. That had me nervous.

Closed them up and gave them 8 days with a full frame feeder of syrup and no disturbance.

Checked them today and it appears, to me, that neither has any fresh brood. No visible larva or eggs in any open cells. Lots of honey on both. One new frame in one hive has some draw on it. Otherwise, the only activity is on the nuc frames in both. The nuc with queen cups has several new full queen cells. I did not see a queen again in that one. In the other nuc I found the queen, but even the frame she was on had no new brood.

My inexperienced assumptions....nuc 1 with queen has some issue where she isn't laying eggs. Nuc 2 never had a queen. The bees in both have no reason to begin moving out to the new frames since nothing is filling up the current frames besides honey and the population isn't growing.

Any advice would be great. My first thought is to call BeeWeaver since I'm almost positive the one nuc had no queen to start.

I've included some pictures below.

One picture is of nuc 1's queen. The other 3 are of nuc 2 with queen cells and nearly all honey.


queen circled.jpgnuc2.jpgnuc 2 q cells 2.jpgnuc 2 q cells.jpg