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    Hello all
    First time on a forum. I have just purchased a few supers about 30 deep ones. They are still full of honey and comb. I don't know whether to clean them out and how? Can anyone help me out with this problem? Thank you Steve

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    If you are sure they are honey supers proper - white comb, not dark comb - and the seller can tell you that they can be extracted. If they are clean healthy combs from a brood nest then they just need bees who will make good use of them. If they are from AFB diseased hives they need to be burned.
    How much did you pay for them? Are there 30 frames or so deeps and 300 frames? How well did you know the seller? A few photos, of both the whole frame and some closer than that are helpful.

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    Welcome to Beesource!

    What to do with used equipment, especially with drawn comb, is a volatile issue at Beesource!

    Ideally, you would have an idea from the seller about the condition of the equipment when it was previously inhabited by bees. If you are confident that there were no disease issues, you could reuse the comb as it is.

    If you were not confident that the comb is disease free, you are taking a risk in reusing the comb. If the frames have wires holding the foundation and you don't want to reuse the comb, it will probably be simpler to just get new frames than trying to deal with the cross wiring.

    If you are concerned about the hive bodies themselves, some beeks use a "flame treatment" process to prepare the hive bodies for reuse.

    OK, next up ...
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    you might try talking to your freindly local bee inspector. he could look at the comb and give you a pretty good idea of any problem, he might even know the previous owner


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