Hi folks, I am clueless about bees but have found myself needing to get some questions answered about them and would really appreciate some input about this.

I made this thing in the photo to try and pull the bees away from my hummingbird feeders that they were overwhelming.
We were quickly shocked at just how many bees turned out to exploit it.
They are using up almost two gallons of sugar water a day. This is the second day I did this and there are twice as many bees.

It did work perfectly to get them off the feeders. I have tried all kinds of bird feeders, Hummingbirds like these cheap ones the best,
it is about what they like best, not what the bees like or can use.

With this many bees using it I became concerned that this may not actually be good for them to be doing or would this hurt them or the colony.
I also wondered why there were so many using it. It makes me wonder why they are not using natural resources and if this is so easy that
it is stopping them from doing that, is that not good for them?

I appreciate any input, this has made us both think about getting some hives.