I have two hives that I'll compare for your comments and suggestions. In central Maryland the flow isn't quite here full on yet.

Hive 1 is busting with bees and I have been doing swarm management to keep'm home. I put 2 supers on and they are both full of busy bees doing bee stuff.

Hive 2 is not quite as populated but it is very strong. It also has a couple frames (2) not yet built out. The hive boxes are busy with bees but when I put on 2 supers, these bees have no interest in moving up.

There are queen excluders on both hives. Both of these had new queens from last year. Hive 1 was a nuc bought late and hive 2 was the result of a couple queen cells I moved into a box with built out foundation. Any ideas ? How long should I wait for hive 2 to move up before I take the queen excluder out? I'm not crazy about going through 5 boxes looking for brood and her majesty--it's just easier to keep all that activity contained.