I recieved a 3# package of russian bees with a mated queen, on monday. I installed them with the help of an experienced beekeeper, according the guidelines offered by the company. I did my first hive inspection today, again with help from my experienced friend. I watched a video on here yesterday that compared a queenless hive with a normal hive. I had a sneaking suspicion that mine could be queenless yesterday afternoon, because they had suddenly become agitated...lots of bees flying around the hive and they were louder than I'd remembered from earlier days. i put the thought aside as this is my very first attempt at beekeeping and I figured I was just experiencing some newbie worries. Today, we opened the hive and they had drawn comb on a few frames, as well as started storing some nectar and pollen. I started to worry when we got to the middle of the 8 frame hive because, as far as I could tell, there were no eggs to be seen anywhere. To make a long story short, after searching each frame twice looking for my marked queen, my friend finally noticed a small cluster of bees on the bottom of the hive. Sure enough, there was my queen, dead as a hammer. I have learned over my years dealing with horses, to veiw problems as opportunities and I guess that's how I see this unfortunate setback. Today, the hive acted much more calm and they appeared to be doing what they could while waiting for the queen. Lots of dandelions out and saw lots of workers hauling pollen in. I have no eggs and no larvae, so how should I proceed? Any help would be appreciated.