I hope someone can point me in a good direction here.

First I purchased Railroad ties (6) of them for a border around my fruit trees. (A week ago)

In the past week I posted on "Craigslist" free grass (Zoysia) and all they had to do was help me dig it up. This was so I could plant all sorts of great Bee plants! I had a guy reply and we spent the past few days working in the yard. He pointed out that the Railroad ties have creosote and probably other nasty stuff. So I did some research and his comment is true however weathered railroad ties more than likely have already leached it out but of course there is probably some nasty stuff still in them.

So I thought, what about Cinder Blocks. However not real happy with how they would look but are a great option otherwise.

I also looked into wood, sure there is Premium wood (cedar etc..) but for the size I want to do I'm not sure I want to spend that kind of cash. SO I looked into pressure treated wood as it should last much longer than wood not treated (And usually only lasts a season or 2 depending and I don't feel like rebuilding every few years). Problem is, pressure treated wood is full of copper that may have issues with gardening.

I feel stuck. I want something nice but in a medium budget range.

My other thought is, I'm not eating some of this stuff so maybe railroad ties would be ok, but if it's bad for me it probably is bad for the bees (Honey) but on the other-hand growing tomatoes and a few things would be nice so...

I have to raise the garden as I have a PUNK tortoise that I love and hope he never leaves but he chomps down on my plants so...

I'm up in the air at the moment.