I was watching one of my bait hives for several days. I thought I was watching scout bees. As it turned out it is a small swarm. The only way I could tell the difference was after a few days I saw pollen coming in. Only then did it click that this trap had only plain foundation in it so it took the bees a few days to draw out cells deep enough to deposit pollen.
I now have another trap with a much larger number of bees going in & out but I can't tell if it is a swarm or not. There is no drawn foundation in it so there would be no storage for pollen.
Is there a specific behavior that I can look for to tell if traps have swarms or scouts?
I have trapped about 10 swarms in my bait boxes but it was never a question if there was a swarm or not because in the past trap outs there were a very large number of bees on the outside plus the boxes had a frame of drawn comb so pollen was going in/out like an established colony.